5 Delicious Drinks With Surprising Health Benefits You Can Make At Home

As we are gradually adjusting to the world’s “new normal,” trying new things out within the four walls of our home has become an enticing diversion for a lot of us. Just like any other venture, learning how to prepare healthy and impressive beverages for your family can be so fulfilling. All over the world, there are varied liquid refreshments in countless figures that would surely rock you real hard and would make you crave for more just to quench your thirst. On top of all that, however, it is

How To Save A Dying Marital Relationship

When topics about marriage are on the line, idealistic and entirely positive comments begin to flood in. People have varied outlooks and views toward marriage. Some view it as a paradise-like avenue, while others look at it as a mere escape from solitude and boredom. However, marriage is not “all-heavens” and not all legally-united couples are happy. Undeniably and inevitably, problems of different sorts do happen in the course of marital life. Of course, being married is such a wonderful thing

Caroline by Irish D. Torres; poem unrhymed

You threw glasses at her, But she filled them with fine whiskey; You plunged her back with the sharpest dagger, But she bandaged her own wounds anyway; You threw century-old rocks at her, But she instead built a castle and let you in; You offered her sour wine, But she poured in honey to make it taste better; You dumped her with rags, But she tailored them into a nice suit; You played her least favorite music, But she just jived in with the tune and danced ballet; You gav

Homeland's Siege by Irish D. Torres; poem unrhymed

It was mid-day in April when the city was soaked in sulfur and blood. The streets were a sepulcher of butchered men; the smell of bullets and bombs perfumed the entire place. Horrific wailings were heard everywhere; cries of terror, shouts of commiseration, sighs of desperation: All of them echoed in a city of ruins, in a place of punished innocence and cold feet. Loud shots were fired; loads of cannons roared like thunder. From behind, heads were plucked from crime-less